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Calling all agents

I am a pretty easy-going guy and very easy to work with. I take pride in what I do and I am confident that I offer exceptional results that won’t break the bank.

It thrills me when my work is in part responsible for the sale of a property. It reinforces purpose for me on a personal level. Believe me, this is what you want from one of your vendors. Someone who cares about a positive result.

All it takes is a call or an email.

I will direct you to several of my favorite examples. I will listen to you explain your requirements and then share with you my opinion and give you options.

In developing my offerings over the past years, I have grown both in my skill level and in my technology offerings and in the way in which I can capture the subject at hand. These are evolution's that are continually being tested and reinvented.

Most of my regular clients have their own style and how they like their work presented. Below is a quick overview of just what is possible highlighting the categories that are most frequently used.

A list of options to consider.

Raw video only: Yes, some people like to edit their own and that's no problem by me.

Raw video and stills: Just a variation on the above.

Produced video with inserted stills that customer provides: Some clients have their established team including a photographer. I can do video for the outside of a property and incorporate stills from your photographer. That works for me.

Fully produced video with internal video. This is my favorite category as it lets me utilize my technology techniques and cameras.

I also do stills. HDR stills of exterior and interior. I offer this as a stand-alone product, or combine it with a video of some sort.

Matterport's 3D virtual tours and or ready-to-use floor plans. I can do both, one or the other.

Weddings and events

aerial 360 panoramas.

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