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360 environment even more compelling

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Over the holidays I have developed a new offering. I have blogged about it before, but now am returning to the subject having a more complete idea to present. Click on the image to view the example.

I have added a menu system to the new 360 panorama front end to any listing. The look and feel much more complete with options for the viewer. These are some of the added features:

- a 360 panorama view from several angles of property.

- a link to a matterport virtual tour that we can also provide

- a link to the property video

- a link to your website

- a link to the floor plan

- a home button that starts from the beginning. - also a Bing maps environment showing where the 360's are taken on the world map which are clickable to open.

Imagine any link or resource and placement is possible.

Also we are able to integrate a slide show of interior stills.

This service can be an add-on to video, stills, and Matterport services, or we can do a custom environment not using the Matterport system but rather our own brand and build. The main advantage would be that the tour can be maintained and published anywhere and therefore monthly hosting fees averted. Something for an airbnb for instance, or long term rental as well as real estate.

The menu system makes it a powerful front end that includes all of your marketing for a property.

I venture to say that you could even feature multiple properties from one single front end.

Food for thought.

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